Unlimited care.
A leap forward for your body, muscles, and joints.
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Access MSK360
Your body is your future.
Everyone gets aches, pains, and injuries.
You now have unlimited access to virtual physical therapy with live Clinicians. For you and your family.
Pain treatments, workstation ergonomics, and conditioning programs.
Plus a yearly functional physical that tests your strength, cardio, posture, balance, and flexibility.
MSK Virtual Care
Unlimited Treatments

From injury treatments to workstation ergonomics plus strength and conditioning plans.  Fast appointments have you covered. Good news, includes your family.

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On-demand content
Hundreds of Programs

These are the same exercises you would be prescribed in a clinic. Protocols for common injuries. Breathing, ergonomics, pre-post natal and tons of other programs.

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For everyone
A Yearly Physical

You don't need to be injured to use MSK360. Everyone gets a standardized functional physical for strength, cardio, flexibility, posture, and balance.

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We've got your back...and shoulders and knees...

The magic starts with your first session.
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The Yearly Physical covers strength, cardio, flexibility, posture, and balance.

See yourself doing what your body does naturally
Want to use your benefits? Within MSK360 you can book over 100k Canadian providers via Care Quest.